Welcome to the "little" Cafe Poca Cosa

Welcome to the Little Cafe Poca Cosa, the tiny restaurant with a big heart.

Unlike any restaurant you've ever visited.

The music isn't loud, it's CRAZY loud.

The food isn't good, it's UNBELIEVABLY good.

The waitresses ain't cocky, they're...
well, just come in and let Sandra and Marcela slap you around a bit.

Marcela and Sandra

What makes this place so special?

The Little Poca Cosa makes giving a priority...

...and we lovingly offer this opportunity to our customers year round.

There is a cash donation jar in plain view of the entire restaurant. The thousands of dollars collected each year are used to help the needy in Mexico and the neglected and abused in Tucson, Arizona. Each month we post a list explaining how the money was spent, and the hallway is filled with pictures of children receiving food, medicine, and gifts.

Sandra shares the love

So, what are you waiting for?

Pack up the family, we love children. Bring cash, we don't take plastic. Bring earplugs, we never turn the music down. Most importantly, bring your appetite and let Marcela, Sandra, and Eric fill your belly and your soul with good food and good lovin'! While you're here drop a little something in the jar and spread that love around.

Little Cafe Poca Cosa, Stone Avenue at Alameda Street, Downtown Tucson, Arizona
Open Monday through Friday, 7:30 am until 2:30 pm
| Cash only | No phone | Hugs mandatory |